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With over 25 years experience working with individuals, organizations, businesses and government agencies, Jo McGuire has developed unique and effective systems that create change for personal progress and professional performance. She’s not just offering you the assistance you need, but helping you increase your own expertise to gain professional confidence and growth. As a certified trainer, Jo specializes in work pertaining to the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry; uses her expertise to provide Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance training for business owners, safety managers and Human Resources personnel as well as other professionals who utilize screening services for their employees. She offers Designated Employee Representative training and Reasonable Cause training for the workplace as well as certification training for professional collectors. Jo also provides policy consultation and development for workplace drug and alcohol testing, and is an expert in matters pertaining to legalized marijuana, its impact to employees, workplaces, students, schools, families and society. Her other specialties include: drug policy development, corporate training, organizational management, community partnership networking, grant writing consultation and public speaking.

From corporate training and classroom presentations all the way to national conference stages, audiences of all sizes find Jo to be an engaging, inspiring, insightful and motivating speaker. She delivers dynamic keynote presentations and interactive training programs to private organizations, non-profits and government clients; Jo’s passion is palpable to every single listener. Her keynote programs can be delivered in as short as 30 minutes or as long as 90 minutes. Jo develops and delivers a keynote, seminar session or workshop customized to meet your unique requirements, focusing on your group’s needs, challenges and concerns.

Educate, Inspire, Change

How can Jo help you? As a teacher, trainer and speaker with over 25 years of experience, she has addressed groups from the very small to large and international. The goal: educate, inspire and create change that makes a better future for you and your circle of influence.

Jo has spoken for leadership teams, retreats, conference workshops, seminars & keynotes, school assemblies, parent nights, employee & manager trainings, and can cater her training programs to meet the needs of your group, organization or business.

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The Road to Safety and Prevention

How bad was your worst day? It's not always rock-bottom that reminds you to get help; sometimes, it's just getting backed into a corner or getting tired of another sticky situation.

With Jo's experience and expertise in prevention education, drug and alcohol compliance, best practices and leadership development, her trainings deliver unique strategies to provide participants the knowledge, skills and best-practices they need as well as create lasting solutions for your organization.

Jo is a certified trainer, accomplished speaker and a warm, friendly voice of calm when you need her.

Smoke & Mirrors:
The Colorado Marijuana Story

Real truth creates real change in the world. With experience as the El Paso County campaign manager for SMART Colorado that opposed legalized marijuana, followed by work on the Taxation, Banking and Civil Law work group for the Colorado Governor's Task Force to regulate Amendment 64, Jo has a story to tell and it’s one worth hearing. Her passion to find a better way is born out of surviving gut-wrenching challenges and heart-breaking realities. There’s a reason she’s been nicknamed, Jo McGuire On Fire!

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I asked Jo to speak at a women's event, and can recommend her highly as a passionately committed human advocate and speaker. She is personable, humorous, engaging and knowledgable. She is also an accomplished motivator.

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“Very informative, pertinent info. She knows her stuff!”

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“My husband’s family owns a construction company and I was rudely texting him during Jo’s presentation saying, “OMG, did you think of this… change the policy NOW.”  Excellent content!

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“The presentation was inspiring and just good stuff!
 Great information, materials and presentation.” 

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“What did I like most? All of it. Factual, practical, helpful information. Thanks Jo!”

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