Living In An Altered Reality

Colorado is my home state.  I have raised my 3 children here. Our family has lived, worked, played and experienced 24 years of our crazy, amazing life in the shadow of Pikes Peak, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

And now, here we are … nearly 18 months since recreational marijuana was legalized by Colorado voters and we find ourselves in an entirely new paradigm.

It’s interesting to have the eyes of the world on Colorado and to hear how the pundits, politicians and paparazzi constantly spin the state of affairs. The majority of whom have no idea what they are talking about.

When Amendment 64 was put on the Colorado ballot – the majority of people thought it could never happen here and most paid absolutely no attention to it – thinking it was ridiculous and tuning out the chatter. The perception was that some radically-minded folks took advantage of a loop-hole in Colorado law, allowing proposed amendments to our state constitution by collecting a certain amount of voter signatures for ballot initiatives … but realistically it didn’t have a prayer of passing.

Then the messaging happened: “40 million dollars for public schools”, “millions in tax revenue”, “regulate like alcohol”, “less harmful than alcohol”, “it’s safe!”, etc. Many politically concerned people, from party leaders to office-holders of all types, scoffed at the very notion this would convince voters, while the average citizen went, “Hey, I don’t use it but if we can regulate and tax it, why not?”  Sounds good on the surface, but idealism isn’t always that simple.

Marijuana is NOT. THAT. SIMPLE.

I started learning about the Amendment 64 initiative in June of 2012, 5 months before election day.

As a mom, I attended the Blue Book hearings and asked legislators to consider how this would impact our youth. As a professional, I spoke to employers about the impact to our work places. As a speaker, I debated the weaknesses of the legislation. As a citizen, I contacted representatives. 

What I did most of all, was educate myself. I called toxicology labs, physicians, treatment providers, employment attorneys and prevention specialists. I joined with other moms to learn the facts. I asked for the best science, the most in-depth medical studies, the latest technology and above all … the TRUTH.

And then I made a decision to speak that truth, regardless of who may – or may not – be listening. But that doesn’t mean I am always heard.

Here is a piece of my truth: marijuana impacts my life on a daily basis. It is now an integral part of my career, it is a major focus for me and a topic I am well and widely versed upon.

But there are not enough hours in the day or venues available for me to tell enough people what some of us REALLY know about marijuana and to effectively get the truth out there.

So what better way than to start blogging and sharing what life is really like in this live-action adventure of legalized recreational marijuana? I will talk about how we got here, what’s going on behind-the-scenes, my own personal experiences and quite frankly, anything else I find helpful to whomever may trip across my pages.

And just for starters – please know that we are not all stoned in Colorado – although we are living in an altered reality!