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Smoke & Mirrors: The Colorado Marijuana Story

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How bad was your worst day? It's not always rock-bottom that reminds you to get help, sometimes it's just getting backed into a corner or getting tired of another sticky situation. With Jo's experience & expertise in prevention education, drug & alcohol compliance, best practices and leadership development, she helps create solutions that last. Jo is a certified trainer, an accomplished speaker and a warm, friendly voice of calm when you need her.


How can Jo help you? As a teacher, trainer and speaker with over 25 years of experience, she has addressed groups from the very small to large and international. The goal: educate, inspire and create change that makes a better future for you and your circle of influence. Jo has spoken for leadership teams, retreats, conference workshops, seminars & keynotes, school assemblies, parent nights, employee & manager trainings. Check the Speaking page for topics! 

Real truth creates real change in the world. With experience as the El Paso County campaign manager for SMART Colorado that opposed legalized marijuana, followed by work on the Taxation, Banking and Civil Law work group for the  Colorado Governor's Task Force to regulate Amendment 64, Jo has a story to tell. Click here to read her blog and learn more about her passion to discover a better way.

  • Workplace Drug & Alcohol Program Management
  • Drug & Alcohol Collector Certification
  • Mock Collections
  • Reasonable Cause Training
  • Drug & Alcohol Compliance Training
  • Tips & Tricks for Grant Writing
  • Data Management that Matters

Marijuana Legalization Topics

  • Lessons Learned from Colorado
  • What Every Parent Should Know: Impact to the Adolescent Brain
  • Social Costs of Legalization
  • How Safe is SAFE?
  • Marijuana & the Employee
  • Family Fall-out
  • Other Topics on Request