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"Speak the TRUTH .... even if your voice shakes."

- Maggie Kuhn

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Jo is passionate about making the world a better place. Whether it's safe & healthy families, schools, or workplaces


From corporate training  and classroom presentations all the way to national conference stages, Jo is an engaging speaker

Truth that Makes a Difference

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  • Safe & Drug Free Work Places
  • How to Handle Employee Marijuana Use
  • Best Practices in Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Drug-Free Kids: Helps for Parents & Teachers
  • Trends in Substance Use & Tools for Prevention
  • Marijuana Legalization:  Is the Grass Greener in Colorado?
  • How Addiction Changes Us
  • What do my drug test results mean?


Planned social norming messages for the regulation theories of marijuana have spread disinformation that has become its own brand of urban myth.  It's time to learn the TRUTH:  

With marijuana, "safe" is redefined in a whole new paradigm.

If regulations works, where is the proof? Let's talk about what this really means.

marijuana is safe

regulation works